July 2003 Newsletter

Monkey Business



We appreciate all the effort the Monk Club members have expended to get the Roster updated, offers of assistance and input on future activities. The positive attitude shown by the group is heart warming. We all love our vessels and getting together to enjoy show, tell and tales.


The members who have already offered to help will be contacting members for the local meetings, as Additional Assistance is still needed. As you are contacted please come to the group meetings I mentioned in the May News Letter and lend us your expertise in directing the activities of our ever-growing group.


SEPTEMBER - Arabella’s Landing - 1-253-851-1793 - Reservation Deadline

04 September, 2003

HARBOR INN - 4910 Harborview Drive, Gig Harbor

Saturday 13 September 2003 – Reservations to Mary by 09 September so that table set up can be arranged.

Social Hour – 1800 and Dinner 1900 – Meeting Room on lower level of less than 25 or garden terrace if more.

Entrée –

Grilled Wild Salmon, rice & vegetable + Caesar Salad - $16.95

Slow Roast Prime Rib, baked potato & vegetable + Caesar Salad - $17.95

Chicken Harbor Inn, red potato & vegetable + Caesar Salad -$16.95

(Breast breaded & grilled topped with bay shrimp, artichoke hearts &

Hollandaise sauce)

*tax and gratuity included in the price of dinner

September continuted….

Please contact me at Cell Number as we will be in Gig Harbor having addition to back deck hard top being installed…after 07 August thru the September Rendezvous….. ….I have voice mail and will check it if phone is not turned on.

Activities may include, following Saturday arrival fellowship on dock/vessels Dinner at Harbor Inn. Early arrival (Friday) no host potluck or dinner at one of several local restaurants. Sunday departure, no host brunch on dock. We do not have to guarantee meals but I do need to let them know approximately how many of us there will be.

OCTOBER 10-11-12 2003


The Marina has reserved 10 slips on the Guest Dock #2 for our group (slips 2-12) and additional slips will be made available if necessary.. They would like us to put the larger vessels (40+) on the breakwater side of the dock and the shorter ones on the boathouse side. You will have a slip assigned to you. The fee for the 40 foot slips are $20.00 plus $.50 for any boat length over 40 feet….the breakwater side of the guest dock allows over hang and more room to maneuver. All of the slips reserved for us are 40 foot. Reservation for Moorage….will be made through me.

We have the use of the Guest Float which is covered over the table area and we will need to bring our own chairs off the boats for seating….the BBQ is provided and requires a $25 deposit and Hold Harmless Agreement….refundable after we are done and is returned cleaned. We will need to provide our own charcoal (Wolfe will take care of).

Plans – This year the club will provide the meat and potato (butter, sour cream, BBQ Sauce, garlic & onion powder) with the salad, snacks, beverage & dessert potluck. Please bring your own plates and silver.

I will need reservations for Moorage and BBQ to Mary by evening of Monday, 06 October…. Or email meb1937@earthlink.net - The reason for this dead line is we are bringing the Boat down and it takes two days to get there from Blaine we will arrive Friday the 10th. I have arranged with a local market to provide the meat for us and they need a day to cut and package for me to pick up just before we leave.

We will be receiving a guest package from the Marina which will contain coupons etc. from local businesses.

Agenda for the BBQ weekend is again anyone there Friday either potluck or dine out; following Saturday arrival, fellowship, BBQ 1700 Social Hour on Float with Grill starting about 1800. We will have salt, pepper etc. for the Grill…if you have something special please bring it along. Sunday departure can be preceded by a potluck brunch with time to be decided.


I decided the newsletter needed a name….and Monkey Business kept popping up every time I type Monk here on the computer…who put the gremlin in…have not figured out why it keeps happening…but thought it was a sign that I needed to name it that for the duration of my time here. If anyone has any other ideas…please let me know….this is not set in stone and subject to change.

Hopefully we will have some of the area meetings completed by the September meeting. We hope to have the November Meeting (landed) in the Seattle area….more information by the September Rendezvous. Plan on the next newsletter to come out after the September Rendezvous.

We would like to show case your ship on the Club Web Site. They need to be in JPG and you can get them to either me or Rod Loudin our Web Master for placement on our Web Site….Please contact us with anything for the web….let me know if there is anything we can do to help you..

Mary & Wolfe Bryce

Ed Monk Wooden Boat Club