At this time we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the EFFORT Rod and Joanne Loudin had expended on behalf of the Monk Club. Our membership has grown significantly during their leadership tenure. They are not really stepping down but really devoting more time to family and participating in the Club in Rod’s favorite area…the Web…Again, Thank You for a Job Well Done.


After two years of coordinating club events Joanne and I are stepping down to let someone else try their hand. The Monk club was my very first social club and since it included our favorite pastime it's been a good experience. We have got to meet many of the members, enjoy some fantastic potlucks and restaurants and the company of so many nice people.

Special thanks to Mike and Betty Butler for their guidance. They are the backbone of the club. Mike is the club treasurer and helped set up our club website. Also a big thanks goes to Don Sherwood for getting the Bremerton Yacht Club for last years steak dinner event. But most of all I'd like to thank my wife Joanne for letting me pretend to be president. She did most of the work while listened to me complain and bark orders, the way it should be on a boat right?

Mary Bryce of the Lee Ann agreed to give the helm a try for a while. Mary and her husband Wolf are experienced cruisers with Alaska Inside Passage and West Coast to California on their log books. They have been in the club a few years. Mary can be reached at meb1937@earthlink.net and is trying to reach all the members to encourage more participation at outings.

The club presidency is strickly a volunteer position and our club has grown to 90+ boats in the past few years so be patient and please offer Mary any help you can.

By Rod Loudin


10 May 2003 – Ed Monk Wooden boat Club

Brownville Marina

Brownsville Marina extended a warm greeting to our club.

As the members gathered aboard Paramour the weather turned to partly cloudy with warm sunshine and gentle zephyrs making it a perfect afternoon.

Princess Melissa, with Joanne & Rod Loudin, completed the vessel group while Mary & Wolfe Bryce arrived in their RV.

Welcomed by Betty and Mike Butler an afternoon of fellowship including tales and adventures shared caused laughter to ring across the sparkling sunlit water.

Mess was scheduled for 1600 with fellowship starting at 1530. Just as everyone was gathering Sharon & Don Sherwood, arrived by car, following a birthday party.

The assortment of HOR D’oeuvre’s along with visiting, catching up on activities and food and boat topics led to dinner and dessert.

Upcoming Club activities were discussed along with possible options for the 2004 – 2005 Club schedule of events.

We adjourned the Pot Luck as the sun went down and the chill of early summer evening fell. Planning on meeting for Breakfast at 0800 so boats could move out early to participate in family and church functions.

Over breakfast, the previous evenings ideas, which Rod laid out as a course of action, thereby strengthening our group by having a larger group of members participate in the club activities.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Bryce


At the member meeting held at the Brownsville gathering several items were discussed to make the club work more efficiently. It was suggested that Club officers and their roles would be:

President - (Mary Bryce), club event coordinator, main club contact, write and publish newsletters
Treasurer - (Mike Butler), keep master roster, receive applications, collect dues and mail burgees
Historian - (Don Sherwood), keeper of the club application notebooks and pictures as well as teller of tall tales of past meetings, gatherings and everything nautical.
Club Web Dude - (Rod Loudin), Like post news letters, calendar of events and other web related items ya know assisted by Mike Butler.


I have emailed or telephoned all members on the 2003 Monk Club Roster. The consensus being from those contacted, members could not attend the Dockton Rendezvous, due to graduation and family commitments. It was also recommended that the club change the September Rendezvous to a location where it could be accessed by both land and water.

The June Rendezvous at Dockton is cancelled.

September Rendezvous is being moved to Gig Harbor on 12, 13, 14thwith arrangements in process and you will be notified ASAP.

The Steak Fry is at Port Orchard Marina 11 & 12th of October. Rod will confirm this. Reservation information will be sent ASAP also.

Additional suggestions being that every effort be made to publish a News Letter keeping members up to date as less than half have computer access. That a contact phone number be available when we are having an activity. So I will include my cell phone number for when we are at the club activities. The Web Site will have all the information and if you have questions, suggestions, answers and solutions please contact me so that we can implement them.

We want to keep it simple and all club activities will still be on a voluntary basis with each boat owner/club member being responsible for their participation with no liability being assumed by the club or its volunteer officers.

We have broken down most of the addresses into areas where we live. After looking at the statistics and factoring in the size of the group we have ascertained we need input and assistance from the different areas to include all in the club gatherings. We propose to meet with members by having a roundtable in their area to get their input. At that time it is hopeful we will have a volunteer from each group to serve in an advisory capacity. Also, to get at least two more volunteers to assist in club functions in a leadership capacity. In the areas where there are not enough members to meet with we will be in touch via email, telephone and letter. Note, by we I mean any and all members any and all are invited to participate….IT IS YOUR CLUB…. PLAN IT, PICK A DATE AND WE WILL TRY AND SCHEUDLE IT. The area input sessions will hopefully take place during June, July and August. Looking forward to having our members host the upcoming events…



Mary & Wolfe Bryce

9530 Semiahmoo Parkway, #127

Slip E – 36

Blaine, WA 98230

e-mail – meb1937@earthlink.net (dedicated to Monk Club Members Only)

http://www.edmonkwoodenboatclub.org (Rod Loudin & Mike Butler)

Thursday, May 29, 2003