October and November 2003 newsletter

Published by Dick and Jean Guertin
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It came as a surprise to us that Jean and I will be putting together the newsletter and coordinating club events for a while. This turnover took place on very short notice. Please note the above AOL email address that we will be using for boat club newsletter correspondence. Mary Bryce, recent president, just found out she has breast cancer and is starting treatment. This announcement is made at her urging. We wish to thank Mary and Wolfe for doing a tremendous job keeping the club on course and adding to the membership. A special thanks is due for the excellent job done in organizing the October steak feed at Port Orchard.
Thank you Mary & Wolfe for your work putting together a great weekend! We also wish and pray that Mary will recover quickly and completely.

As club event coordinators in 2004, Jean and I will be asking other members of the club to take an active role in arranging a weekend event in the area where they live or are interested in having a club event take place. In effect, expanding on the area group leader idea suggested by Mary in the September newsletter. For each club event/meeting, we will be requesting that a member be host for that particular club weekend. Hosting a club event will involve arranging moorage and/or restaurant reservations when necessary, arranging for activities or guest speakers if they choose, taking notes on attendance, greeting members, and taking general comments for the newsletter. Jean and I will be in contact with the host for any given weekend; we will inform the membership through the newsletter, web site, email, or phone the plan for that weekend and write the comments received from the hosts from the weekend for the newsletter. To be flexible, no set weekend of a month will be used for an event. With this structure in place, the following schedule for 2004 is being formed. You will notice an email address below for correspondence to the web master of the web site. Please feel free to contact the web site with comments or questions about the site or club or contact us if you wish.

February meeting is planned to take place in Everett. Details will be provided after arrangements are firmed up. Bob & Jan Larsen will be making the arrangements for this meeting. We would like a preliminary head count for the Everett meeting so Bob can get an idea of how many to plan for and if you plan to arrive by boat. Please email or call us at your convenience: 253 927 1494 or

March is open. We are looking for a member to suggest a place and arrange the meeting for our group……suggestions anyone? Email, phone, or write to us.

April rendezvous will be in Tacoma with a Saturday night dinner at Johnny’s Dock. Details will follow in a future letter. Jean and Dick Guertin will be making arrangements and hosting this rendezvous.

May rendezvous will be Olympia to coincide with the Olympia Wood boat Festival. Club members Joanne & Michael Lacy will be working to coordinate this event. This does not mean that you have to enter your boat in the Festival. They will be working on moorage at a nearby marina for the weekend if you don’t want to be with the crowd at the Percival Dock Treat mom to a brunch or dinner in Olympia. The weather’s always great for this weekend!

June rendezvous will be at Poulsbo, 10 slips have been reserved for the weekend of 25,26,27. Rod and Joanne Loudin will be hosting and coordinating this weekend. Details will be announced in future newsletters.

July open

August open

September open for the time being. This is one of the best months for a rendezvous. Our first option is our Annual Steak Feed. We will be asking someone from the BYC to host this event if it were to take place at the Bremerton Y.C. Early in September may be best due to an early October event following.

October rendezvous will be at Shelton. This will take place during the first weekend of October. This will be the weekend of the Shelton Rotary Club Oyster feed weekend. Penny and Ross Denny with other Shelton Monk members will be hosting this event. Arrangements will be made for members arriving by land or sea.

November is open. We have plenty of time to hear suggestions.

Port Orchard Steak Feed, October 10,11&12, 2003

Half the boats arrived Friday afternoon for the potluck. Other boats arrived during the day Saturday.

Port Orchard has a fine guest dock and tent covered meeting area, with a barbecue grill, where our group met, enjoyed grilling steaks, greeting new members, and talking with old friends.

Mary and Wolfe brought all the food necessary for a great dinner provided by the club including steak, sauces, baked potato, butter, sour cream, salad, a pie dessert, & beverages. It was a cold, wet, and breezy evening. The chilly wind was trying to blow the tent off the party float, as a warm atmosphere and good time was being enjoyed by all members and guests. On Sunday morning a tasty homemade ham & egg casserole breakfast prepared by Mary, complete with plenty of hot coffee and O.J, was served.
Later Sunday, the brisk 20 to 25 knot wind made getting away from the dock without a scratch on our fine cedar hulls a challenge to us all. Some had a wild ride back to their moorage with the wind gusting to 30 plus all afternoon.

Members and guests attending the rendezvous were:

Mikeand Betty Butler aboard Paramour
Wolfand Mary Bryce aboard Lee Ann
Rossand Penny Denny drove
RoyDunn drove
Howard Brandwein & Jeri Gebelin aboard Chutzpah
Danand Lynda Mason aboard Sea Nymph II
Donand Sharon Sherwood aboard Kalatawa
Kenand Donna Shields drove
Dick Guertin aboard Menemsha
Rodand Joanne with guests aboard Princess Melissa
Bill& Diana Kodod guests
Dylan& Michelle Dobish guests

Boats at Port Orchard, recently acquired by members, were: CHUTZPAH, formally the ANDERSON COVE pictured in Bet Oliver’s Monk book and now skippered by Howard and Jeri, and SEA NYMPTH II, now skippered by Dan and Lynda.
It was a pleasure to receive guided tours of these boats and members were proud to show their boats to new members and guests.

Dinner meeting at Ivar's Pier 54 on November 8, 2003

Thanks to Jo Golder, Lynn Reister and Mary Bryce who made arrangements for the club members to enjoy a dinner meeting at Ivar’s on the Seattle waterfront. After dinner the guest speakers were Lt. Mike Trotochaud speaking about Group Seattle's Role and Missions in our local area and Gary Bromwell - USCG Aux.Speaking about Safety and Homeland Security. Door prize-drawing winners were Lynn Reister, a boat hook, and Marshall and Susan’s daughter, a backpack. Thanks go to West Marine and Fisheries Supply for donating the prizes. A brief business meeting followed.

A coincidence occurred that Russell Castner noted and related to the group. Three boats belonging to members built one after the other in 1955 and 1956 at the boat yard of Nelson and Hanson were Paramour, Marilus, and Holiday III. The owners of these boats were at this dinner meeting.
Dave and Heather brought pictures of their newly acquired "Forevermore", a Shain built boat. See the website for picturesof Forevermore and other boats.

Attending were:
Dr. Russell and Svanne Castner Marilus
Al & Shirley Bloss SeaSwallow
Donna & Ken Shields former Topaz
Wolfe & Mary Bryce Lee Ann
Mike & Betty Butler Paramour
Lynn Reister Grandy-Lusion
Joe GolderKane and Thad Kane HolidayIII
Marshall,Susan & Anna Johnson Nika-Sia
Lew Barret Rita
Dave & Heather Ellis Forevermore
Speaker Lt.Mike Trotochaud – Coast Guard Group Seattle
Gary Bromwell- USCG Aux. Safety

There are no scheduled club meetings for the remainder of 2003.

Checkout the club web site. To date, the photos of 34 boats have been posted.
Our own web master Rod Loudin has created a great web site for the club. Mike Butler is now helping with the updating and posting the site regularly. To view the site, click onto the home page. We are requesting that members pass on information they wish to be posted at the web site to the website. Club history, pictures of your boat, club events, interesting links, or any other suggestions are welcome. We will be posting the newsletter and the club calendar on the site. Personal information regarding your boat can be posted on our web site. The site is linked to other popular Internet sites. We hope to reach other Monk wood boat owners who may be interested in joining our club.
TheClub’s web site address is:
TheClub’s e-mail address is:

Information will be posted on the web site announcing the $15 dues due in January. Starting in 2004, the dues year will be January through December. Mike Butler will be sending dues notices by mail this month.