APRIL 2004 News Letter

Published byDick and Jean Guertin
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Thirteen members and guests enjoyed the Tacoma dinner meeting at Johnny’s Dock at the head of the Foss Waterway.  We had a separate room at Johnny’s for our dinner that was great for conducting discussions of Club business and a report from our treasurer Mike Butler.   I concluded the topic on bonding and use of zincs in wood boats with photos of a problem encountered and repaired on my boat. We welcomed new member Tim Wade with a Monk Club burgee.
Mike and Joanne Lacy followed up on the May8th weekend OLYMPIA WOOD BOAT FEST to announce that we will be having dinner Sat night about 6pm at ANTHONY’S in Olympia.  The deadline for boats to be registered for the Fair is April 10.  The club has reserved 5 slips at Swantown for this weekend. Please call or email them for reservations at Swantown if you plan to come by boat and don’t want to be in the Fair.  Members wishing to participate in the Fair and moor at Percival Landing must register with the Boat Fair committee by April 10. Please send RSVPs for dinner or moorage to the Lacys email address: lacyfarms@alum.calberkeley.org  Their phone # is: 360-894-2804.  Mike will hold the Swantown dock reservation until May 1st.   This is truly a fun weekend involving not just all makes of classic wood boats, the owners, designers, builders, restorers, and lovers of wood boats like us, but an entertaining weekend in Olympia at the Fair.  That Sunday is also the season opening of the Farmers Market adjacent to Percival Landing.

Membersand Guests at the dinner

Mike and Betty Butler                       PARAMOUR
Mike and Joanne Lacy                     VOYAGER
Rod and Joanne Louden                  PRINCESS MELLISSA
Tim Wade                                          FOLLY
Rod and Joanne’s guests:  Jerry, Heidi, Bill & Diane       WILLIAM ANN
Dick and Jean Guertin                      MENEMSHA

Princess Melissa departing Foss Waterway. Glass Museum In Background

There were four boats at the FOSS LANDING dock for the weekend. Rod and Joanne arrived Friday night with PRINCESS MELISSA from Bremerton.  Rod’s guests Jerry and Heidi also arrived Friday from Port Orchard with their newly acquired G.B. woodie WILLIAM ANN with their crew Bill and Diane.  Mike and Joanne Lacy brought their beautiful classic VOYAGER up from Olympia on Saturday.  Dick and Jean shuttled MENEMSHA over from the HylebosWaterway in Tacoma Saturday afternoon. Those who arrived Friday night were tested for their resourcefulness and agility when coming back from an evening in town found that the two sets of keys to the docks provided by weekend host, Dick, would not fit the gatelock.   I don’t really know who lifted whom over the chain link fence, but rest assured, they were all snug in their bunks in time to hear the occasional horns of the Port of Tacoma’s locomotives as they passed nearby that night.
Ironically, of the 4 sets of keys providedby the newly established FOSS LANDING and pulled from my pocket, I went home with 2 good keys, leaving the Loudens and guests with 2 bad keys…….


Jo Golder, HOLIDAY III, is working on arranging a potluck dinner/barbeque on Lake Union for the weekend of July10.  The location will be on the Southend of Lake Union at the park adjacent to the Wooden Boat Museum.  There will be plenty of parking for those arriving by car.  Jo will make arrangements for overnight moorage for those coming by boat.  An 8 x 10 pontoon motorized float, complete with a “large” BBQ GRILL will be available with a donation from each attending to cover its cost of $100.  Members are invited to bring one or more of the following for the potluck to share:  Appetizers, Salads, Side dishes as bakedbeans, casseroles, mac & cheese or your favorite picnic item.   Those attending will bring their own main course to BBQ on the grill such as steak, chicken, fish, sausage, etc. and their own beverages.  Please call Jo at(206) 298 9915 or email kanecasa@netscape.net.  With event questions or suggestions.


Be sure to check out the Monk web site, MikeButler is continually adding new Monks to the site @ www.edmonkwoodenboatclub.org

Boatswill be given a full description in one newsletter, one line in succeeding letters

Nev’r Dunn, 36’ w/ Shelton boat house if needed.  Contact Roy Dunn Ph: 360-426-9524
MicroShip, 30’ Top-Notch Yacht Sales or contact Chuck Posey at360-675-0842.
Palco, 42’ tricabin, Dockstreet Brokers, HansenYachts, or contact PatHughes  pat.hughes@uas.alaska.edu
NAN, 50’ 1934,  Steve Hemry (425-422-9592) or Diane Anderson(425-422-3366). E Mail Address: nan1934@msn.com  or Hemry@boatsurveyors.com
CHUTZPAH,  47’ 1995,brokered by Dan Sammis of Ships International at Lake Union.  


Mike Butler has just received a batch of new Monk Burgees.  To order yours, call Mike(206) 935 8915, email 270162@quidnunc.net ,  or contact Mike on the Club web site.
The Gig Harbor Embroidery, Apparel and Giftshop, SEW WHAT?, on 3133 Harborview Dr. in downtown Gig Harbor has our Burgee logo in their computer to embroider our club logo on hats shirts or garments you purchase or bring in.  The club also has hats and shirts for sale by contacting Mike Butler.  Sew What?’s phone: 252-858-5053,  fax: 253-858-5429

2004remaining schedule (after May 10 weekend at Olympia)

June 25th weekend POULSBO MONKRENDEZVOUS. Dock space for 10 boats is reserved.  A pot luck is proposed for the guest meeting building on the dock for Sat.night.  Our host will be new member Tim  Wade.  Phone 260 595 9682  The final plan will be announced in the next letter.
July 10. Lake Union BBQ.  Jo Golder 206 289 9915 will be arranging and hosting this event.
Sept ? ANNUAL STEAK FEED a weekend not yet decided, need a host and destination
Oct. 2nd weekend SHELTON OYSTER FEST (this is City of Shelton’s fair; we have hosts)


$474.00 cash in account
$510.00 just spent on new burgees.
($113.00) due for newsletter costs before this letter goes out.
For this letter, we have 50 stamps & about 300 envelopes in stock
Newsletter cost for appx. 105 addresses +/-$80.00 per issue  (includes printing,labels, stamps, envelopes, phone card calls)
We have about 20 members who are a little late in forwarding their dues to Mike. We really want to keep everyone on the roster but cannot if dues are not paid. If you’ve put off sending or forgotten to send in your $15.00 this year,please mail your dues to Mike Butler at 4565 54th Ave S.W. Seattle,WA 98116.  
Those receiving this by email will also receive a U.S.P.S. delivered copy which may contain corrections and updates in the text.