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The PORT TOWNSEND WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL is the same weekend, September 10-12. Spend a day at the festival by anchoring in front of the town and taking dinghy to shore then come to the Steak Feed. 

There will be steaks and baked potatoes furnished by the club. Potluck salads and deserts by members will be needed. We will try to use the one and only shelter and or picnic tables for our barbecue. Steaks will be put on barbecue at 5:00 o'clock.

Members may come by car by driving to Marrowstone Island. Best to look at map for driving directions or see State Park website www.parks.wa.gov for detailed directions. Some are needed to arrive Friday and secure dock-side moorage. Those arriving later may raft, secure to a buoy, or anchor nearby in the bay.

See State Park website http://www.parks.wa.gov/parkpage.asp?selectedpark=Mystery%20Bay&pageno=1

To reserve your steak call Mike Butler by Wednesday, September 8th at 206 935 8915 or email to mbutler@quidnunc.net



Poulsbo Meeting There were fifteen members and guests at the Monk dinner cruise in Poulsbo Saturday, June 5th. The potluck dishes were delicious and the atmosphere warm and friendly. Thank you's go to Tim Wade for hosting this event and making the arrangements for this fun evening. Members and guests at the dinner were:

Dan and Lynda Mason aboard Sea Nymph II

David and Danielle Walsh aboard Sea Spray With their two sons

Jerry Adams aboard P.S. With daughter and two guests

Tim Wade aboard his #2 boat

Mike and Betty Butler aboard PARAMOUR

Art and Barbara aboard Old Blue New Members – joined at Meeting

July event had to be canceled as members were on cruises and other schedule conflicts. Thanks to Jo and Thad for a valiant effort.



Members Boats will be given a full description in one newsletter, one line in succeeding letters. If your boat has been sold please let Mike B know so we can remove it from for sale list. Only members may list boats for sale.

KANANASKIS, 50’ Monk McQueen pilothouse built 1968. Contact Mike Green at hmichael@centurytel.net or by phone (425) 333 4516 address: PO Box 1240 Carnation, WA. 98014

Nev’r Dunn, 36’ w/ Shelton boat house if needed. Contact Roy Dunn Ph: 360-426-9524

MicroShip, 30’ Top-Notch Yacht Sales or contact Chuck Posey at 360-675-0842.

Palco, 42’ tricabin, Dockstreet Brokers, HansenYachts, or contact Pat Hughes pathughes@uas.alaska.edu

NAN, 50’ 1934, Steve Hemry (425-422-9592) or Diane Anderson (425-422-3366). E Mail Address: nan1934@msn.com or Hemry@boatsurveyors.com

Old Blue, 36’ 1934, Art Schick (360 692 2921) Built by ScherterBros. See Club Boat Page for Picture and details.


2004 Remaining Event Schedule

Sept 11, 2004 (Saturday) ANNUAL STEAK FEED at Mystery Bay State Park. We will meet in September to elect a club head coordinator and or a steering committee and plan future events.

Oct. 2nd weekend SHELTON OYSTER FEST (this is City of Shelton’s fair) Contact Hosts Ross & Penny Denny at 360 426 4449 for information if you plan on attending. They can arrange guest moorage at the Shelton YC.  


Members News and Summer Sightings

Jean and Dick (Menemsha) went on a trip to Alaska leaving mid June through August.

Mike and Betty (Paramour) went to Alert Bay to catch some fish.

Larry and Martha (Pelican Point) went to Alaska looking for a hot spring via Jueanu and Sitka.

Forevermore was seen heading North from Nanaimo.

Send us a report on your summer cruise. We will post as member news.


NEW MEMBERS * Welcome them aboard *

Art Schick and Barbara Reasons, Old Blue, 36', 1934, Built by Scherter on Lake union

Ken and Deana Walker, Camelot, 44', 1968, Built by Taylor

Bruce Wagner, Counterpoint, 36', 1955, Built by McQueen in Vancouver

Bob and Judie Moore, Flamingo, 56', 1950, Built byKimball in Shelton