January 2004 News Letter

Published by Dick and Jean Guertin
6312 Agnes Rd.N.E. Tacoma, Wa. 98422 * 253 927 1494 *
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Our first meeting of 2004 will be February 21st in Everett at the WOODFIRE GRILL (next to Anthonyís) hosted by Bob and Jan Larsen of Everett. We have tables set aside for 20 at 1800 (6 pm). Also, if you are interested, Bob, Jan, and the manager of the Everett Marina have offered to give us a tour of the marina and information on the planned expansion of the Portís upcoming North Marina project and new marina. We will be meeting at about1600 (4 pm) for a pre-dinner gathering to take them up on the tour and also to see Bob and Janís restoration of their 36í Monk "Chaconne" located on "G" dock and other members and boats that have arrived by water for the meeting. If you cannot make it by 6, please come later to meet with members and friends. Please see directions to the Woodfire Grill at the end of this letter. In the past, the club has not asked for RSVPs since the membership was relatively small and only a few couples came to winter dinners. Since the Club roster is growing and more members are coming to dinners, I would like to get a rough tally on those planning to attend. Please let me by phone @ 253-927-1494 or email at
Monkboatclub@aol.com This is only to give us an idea on how many plan to attend so we can alert the Woodfire Grill if we expect more than 20people, and is not a formal RSVP.
By a recent request, members who receive the newsletter by email will, starting with this letter, also receive a hard copy in the mail.


I would like to start using this letter as a forum for members to post notices, comments, or opinions of boating interest or on wood boat care to be distributed to our members in this Newsletter. Please feel free to contact us, for example:

Your summer boat cruising plans. Your destinations may coincide with other members who may want to rendezvous with Monk members during the cruising season. We will post your plan or itinerary in the newsletter.

Do you have a favorite, secluded, or otherwise interesting anchorage that you would like to share with Monk members, let us know. We would like to hear about it and pass the word.

Do you have questions on maintaining, repairing, renovating your wood boat, engine, or ailing systems, please ask. With our experienced group of members, someone may have the answer to what you are looking for or know where to get the information you need.

Got an anchor for sale? Contact us with your BOAT related items for sale and we will post it in the letter.
Have a question on your boats history? Some one in our club may know its previous owners or where it was built.
Know of some uncharted rocks? Pass the word. By the way, the secret of a successful grounding is to do it on a flood tide.

As a first topic on wood boat care for the next few newsletters, I am introducing the subject of "electrolysis in wood, bonding, and the use of zincs in wood boats". Attached is an opinion by Ed McClave taken from IN MY VIEW of "Wooden Boat" magazine July/August í85 Number 65. In the next newsletter I will attach a similar opinion on this subject by Giffy Full, of New England, a surveyor of wood boats for over 48 years. I am hoping that these opinions and that of my own, which I will bring to the April meeting in Tacoma and print in April newsletter, will stir up replies and discussion from other members. I am looking forward to hearing/reading your views and experiences or seeing further published opinions on this subject. I will have photos and a discussion of a repair I had to make a few years back regarding the affect of electrolysis in wood. However, due mostly to viruses in email attachments, the opinion by Mr.McClave will be in the hard copy of the newsletter you will receive shortly. Please contact us with your ideas or concerns regarding the Monk Wooden Boat Club.


Bob and Jan Larsen are looking for previous owners, well maybe the original owners, and/or someone with knowledge of history of their boat now named CHACONNE. Itís a 36í 1947 Monk. A great photo is on the web site. The name was PALMERA when they acquired the boat by bid at a US Marshall Service auction resulting from a drug seizure (already, the boat has an interesting recent history!).
Since all members do not have access to the web site where there is a page on boat classifieds, we are listing the current boats for sale here.


Mary Bryce is recovering from three surgeries over the past three months and she is very happy to announce that she is free of her cancer. She thanked all for their thoughts and prayers. She and Wolfe are planning to come to the Everett dinner.

Style: Wood Cabin Cruiser
Boat Name: Nev'r Dunn
Brief Description & Information: A 1941-1952, Ed Monk Sr Design, Built by the head shipwright for Blanchard Boat Works, for himself. Perkins diesel, diesel cook stove, stainless steel galley, shower, holding tank and more.$49,500, A Shelton Boat house available for $28,000.
Owners Name: Roy Dunn
Phone Number: 360 426 9524, Call evenings please.
Price: $49,500
E-mail Address: N/A
To see a picture of Nev'r Dunn go to the Club Boats page, 5th row down, 2nd picture from the right side.

Micro-Ship is for sale, please contact Top-Notch Yacht Sales in La Conner or contact Chuck Posey at 360-675-0842. 30', 1947 design, 1954 build by Foss Yard on Bainbridge Island. Six cyl Volvo diesel, runs great. Photos on this site-see club boats 1st column 8th row.

Dear Sirs, I have a 1962 42' tri-cabin, fly bridge Monk that I would like to sell. Palco is in Sitka, Ak. Ideally, I would like to sell her to someone who would take good care of her. I have her listed with Dockstreet Brokers and Hansen Yachts in Seattle. I am not obligated to sell her through either broker unless they send a client my way. However anyone can view either broker's web site. Both brokers set the price a bit higher than the survey of $76,000. The price is negotiable. If any of you folks in the Monk Boat Club are interested, e-mail me and I can e-mail you photos and other pertinent info. Thanks, Pat Hughes (A Picture of "Palco"; may be viewed at the bottom of the Club Boats Page of this web site).

Directions to Woodfire Grill on Following page


Directions from I-5 headed south: After passing through Marysville and crossing the river, take the first Everett Exit onto Everett Avenue. Turn right and follow Everett Avenue, headed west, all the way across town. After dropping down a set of steep hills you come to West Marine View Drive; turn right. Proceed north over a winding overpass, then at the second light after the overpass, turn left. This is the main entry into the south marina area. Stay in the right lane and take the right hand fork in the road, go down to the end, turn right and look for a place to park. Woodfire Grill is on the north side of the parking lot.

Directions from I-5 headed north: Entering the Everett area on I-5, stay in the left lane of the freeway. Take the Broadway exit. Stay on Broadway till you pass the new Everett Events Center and Hewitt Avenue. Get in the left lane and turn left at the next street, which is Everett Avenue. Take Everett Avenue, headed west, across town. After dropping down a set of steep hills you come to West Marine View Drive; turn right. Proceed north over a winding overpass, then at the second light after the overpass, turn left. This is the main entry into the south marina area. Stay in the right lane and take the right hand fork in the road, go down to the end, turn right and look for a place to park. Woodfire Grill is on the north side of the parking lot.

If coming to Everett by boat: There are two guest docks, north and south, along the western edge of the marina next to the river channel. Due to river conditions, current and debris, its a good idea to tie up on the inside of the dock. And since the restaurant we are meeting at is on the south side of the marina, it would be a good idea to use the south dock. There is a fuel dock on the north side of the entrance channel into the marina. Reservations are not offered for guest moorage in the winter but they are during the busy summer months. The Port monitors CH 16,or call 425-259-6001. Nightly moorage cost is 45 cents afoot. Please use a check, not cash. Self-registration stations are provided at both guest docks. The marina office closes at 4:00 on Saturdays. Restroom and shower facilities are located next to the marina office which is on the south side of the marina near the river. The office is just a short walk east from the Woodfire Grill restaurant.