MAY 2004 News Letter

Published by Dick and Jean Guertin

6312 Agnes Rd. N.E. Tacoma, Wa. 98422 * 253 927 1494 *

Newsletter aol address: Monkboatclub@aol.com

Club Web Site: www.edmonkwoodenboatclub.org


There were sixteen members and guests at the Monk dinner in Olympia Saturday night at the Water Street Café. The food and service were excellent and the atmosphere in this historic building two blocks from the waterfront Olympic Wood Boat Fair made the dinner even more enjoyable. Thank you Mike and Joanne Lacy for hosting this event and making the arrangements for this fun evening. Members and guests at the dinner were:

Mike and Betty Butler aboard PARAMOUR

David and Heather Ellis aboard FOREVERMORE

Earl and Barbara Hughes aboard LADY BEE II

Mike and Joanne Lacy aboard VOYAGER

Roy and Andrea Dunn aboard NEVíR DUNN

Richard and Debby Sims DRIFTER drove

Dick and Jean Guertin aboard MENEMSHA with

Carolyn and Patrick McHugh daughter and son-in-law of Dick and Jean

Other members attending the Wood Boat Fair with their boats were:

Dan and Barbara Moldenhauer aboard TU TU BAGS

Mike and Gwen Byrne aboard DUFFY

The Olympia Wood Boat Fair was celebrating its 25th anniversary with over 60 wood boats in attendance. The weather was mostly sunny with an occasional shower that didnít dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd the least bit and Iím sure most left the Fair with a renewed fondness for wood boats. Ed Monk designs were well represented by our members.


Members Boats will be given a full description in one newsletter, one line in succeeding letters

KANANASKIS, 50' Monk McQueen pilothouse built 1968. Contact Mike Green at hmichael@centurytel.net or by phone (425) 333 4516 address: PO Box 1240 Carnation, WA. 98014

Nev'r Dunn, 36' w/ Shelton boat house if needed. Contact Roy Dunn Ph: 360-426-9524

MicroShip, 30' Top-Notch Yacht Sales or contact Chuck Posey at 360-675-0842.

Palco, 42' tricabin, Dockstreet Brokers, HansenYachts, or contact Pat Hughes pathughes@uas.alaska.edu

NAN, 50' 1934, Steve Hemry (425-422-9592) or Diane Anderson (425-422-3366). E Mail Address: nan1934@msn.com or Hemry@boatsurveyors.com

Mike Butler has just received a batch of new Monk Burgees. To order yours, call Mike (206) 935 8915, email 270162@quidnunc.net , or contact Mike on the Club web site.

2004 remaining schedule after Poulsbo June 25th weekend

July 10. Lake Union BBQ. has been canceled.

Sept ? ANNUAL STEAK FEED a weekend not yet decided, we need a host and destination.

Oct. 2nd weekend SHELTON OYSTER FEST (this is City of Sheltonís fair; Hosts Ross & Penny Denny)


Jean and I plan to be on a trip to Alaska leaving mid June thru August and wont be attending June or July events. Mike Butler will write the June letter. We are asking for a volunteer to step in, head the club, write the newsletter and work with hosts to plan future events. Mike Butler will continue as treasurer and do the web site.


We have many members who are still late paying this years dues. To tighten our belt, Iíll keep the newsletter to 1 sheet, 2 sides w/ smaller print and reduce the postal mailings with newsletters by email only for our members in arrears. Thank you to members who requested a letter by e Mail only.

Next event: Poulsbo on June 25th weekend.

Our host is Tim Wade. Please call him at 206 595 9682 to reserve your slip. The club has $100.00 on deposit with Port of Poulsbo for 10 slips, Fri., Sat, nights on "E" dock even numbered slips 14 thru 32.

Come one come all to the Poulsbo Rendezvous. I will be arriving on Friday morning and our club has been assigned 10 slips on E dock. Please call me at 206-595-9682 or timmerw45@aol.com to reserve your space. Poulsbo Marina offers many amenities as I have moored often in the past. They offer power, water, hot showers, Laundromat, fuel and pump out facilities. The small town offers excellent Restaurants, Bakeries and shopping along the breakwater.

For those of you that will be arriving on Friday we have many options for dinner. We can have a progressive dinner where one boat hosts cocktails and appetizers, then the party moves to the next boat for salad or soup, then the next for the main course and finally the last for desserts and coffee. Feel free to buddy up and help co-host the progressive dinner. Please contact me so that I coordinate the dinner party.

On Saturday we will be having the blind dinghy races for those brave souls willing to show off their communications and rowing skills. Our club has reserved the function room on the dock for ourselves the entire weekend. So if the weather gets unruly we have a dry place to go. We will be having a potluck for our Saturday evening meal along with a guest speaker. I am looking forward to seeing all of you and am in hopes of a great weekend. I will be updating our rendezvous plans as it progresses.

Take care, Tim Wade