OCT/NOV/DEC 2004 News Letter

Published by Mike Butler

Club Web Site: www.edmonkwoodenboatclub.org

March 26th Potluck Dinner Meeting at Center for Wooden Boats

The Center for Wooden Boats is located on the south end of Lake Union in Seattle. Arrive a little early and visit their free museum and library.

Take a look at their website www.cwb.org

All Members are invited for a business and social evening. The potluck dinner will be in the Center's Floating Boathouse at 7:00 PM. Some members will be needed to set up tables and chairs before dinner and help cleanup after the dinner. We will pass the hat to cover the boathouse rent for the dinner.

Please RSVP to Mike and Betty Butler (206 935 8915) or mbutler@quidnunc.net to coordinate the menu.

Anyone owning a Ed Monk designed wooden boat may attend, to find out about our club.

The Business Meeting will be after the Dinner

The "2005 Cruise and Event Schedule" will be discussed, planned and adopted. Election of officers or the formation of a steering committee will be held. Suggestions for the schedule have been the "Olympia Wood Boat" Festival in May, a raft of boats at anchor in Quartermaster Harbor to watch the 4th of July Fireworks, a steak feed reunion dinner at the Bremerton Yacht Club in September and a November dinner meeting. Come, suggest and promote your idea for a club event. It just might happen.

It has been proposed to form a club steering committee instead of electing a president. The leadership in the past has generally been one or two persons, who become over burdened with scheduling, planning, conducting events and meetings, phoning, newsletter publishing, dues collecting, membership, roster maintenance, etc. We need to share the duties, by joining the committee. If you cannot attend the dinner meeting, but want to be on the committee call Mike at 206 935 8915 or email him at mbutler@quidnunc.net and you will be included as a committee member. All interested members can be on the committee.

Our club roster has members from the of Puget Sound Area, Alaska, Arizona Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, and British Columbia. It is virtually impossible to have meetings and events that all can attend. We are bonded together by our love and interest in our wooden boats designed by Ed Monk Sr. and Jr. During the summer, our members cruise in and from Puget Sound to places north as far as Glacier Bay, Alaska.

SPECIAL THANKS TO MARY AND WOLFE BRYCE, who planned and presided over club events until her medical situation required that she retire as the club president and publisher of the newsletter.

SPECIAL THANKS TO DICK AND JEAN GUERTIN who stepped up and took the helm and guided us through the remainder of 2003 and well into 2004 until they left for their summer cruise to Alaska.

ALSO SPECIAL THANKS to following members who sponsored club events:

Bob and Jan Larsen Dinner at Woodfire Grill in Everett.

Dick and Jean Guertin Dinner at Johnny's Dock in Tacoma

Mike and Joanne Lacy Events at Olympia Wood Boat Festival

Tim Wade Monk Boat Rendezvous at Poulsbo Marina

Jo Golder and Thad Kane Center For Wooden Boat Weekend Event

Mike and Betty Butler Mystery Bay Rendezous and Steak Feed

Ross and Penny Denny Shelton Oyster Fest


The PORT TOWNSEND WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL was the same weekend, September 10-12. Several members spent a day at the festival by anchoring in front of the town and taking dinghy to shore then came to the Steak Feed.  Several members from the Shelton area entered their boats in the festival.

There were steaks and baked potatoes furnished by the club. Several members brought potluck salads and desserts. We were able to use the shelter and picnic tables for our barbecue. Steaks were put on barbecue at 5:00 o'clock. The following members attended.

Roy and Andrea Dunn aboard Nev'r Dunn at the Festival Mike and Gwen Bryne aboard DUFFY at the Festival Ross and Penny Denny aboard ALENE at the Festival Dan and Barbara Moldenhauer aboard Tu Tu Bags at the Festival Mike and Betty Butler aboard PARAMOUR Art Shick and Barbara aboard OLD BLUE Richard & Debby Sims drove from Tacoma Gene & Elaine Briscoe drove from Anacortes aboard Hinemoa


Dick and Jean Guertin were the only boat crew to attend. They cruised from Tacoma to Shelton for the festival, took the shuttle bus from the Shelton Yacht Club to town for an Oyster feast.

(the City of Shelton’s fair). Hosts was Ross Denny the Shelton YC. Dick and Jean Gurtin cruised to the event aboard their boat "Menemsha".  There was a shuttle bus from the yacht club to the downtown events. Oysters were served every way including raw.


Members Boats will be given a full description in one newsletter, one line in succeeding letters. Sellers if your boat has been sold please let Mike B know so we can remove it from for sale list. Only members may list boats for sale.

KANANASKIS, 50’ Monk McQueen pilothouse built 1968. Contact Mike Green at hmichael@centurytel.net or by phone (425) 333 4516 address: PO Box 1240 Carnation, WA. 98014

Nev’r Dunn, 36’ w/ Shelton boat house if needed. Contact Roy Dunn at 360-426-9524.

MicroShip, 30’ Top-Notch Yacht Sales or contact Chuck Posey at 360-675-0842.

Palco, 42’ tricabin, Dockstreet Brokers, HansenYachts, or contact Pat Hughes pathughes@uas.alaska.edu

Old Blue, 36’ 1934, Art Schick (360 692 2921) Built by ScherterBros. See Club Boat Page for Picture and details. 

 Members News

Jean and Dick (Menemsha) went to Alaska last summer

Mike and Betty (Paramour) went to Alert Bay last August to catch some fish.

Larry and Martha (Pelican Point) are in Alaska for the winter.

Send us a report on your activities and we will post as member news.

NEW MEMBERS * Welcome them aboard *

Gene & Elaine Brisk from Anacortes own "Cinema" a 52' Monk built by Themes Boat Yard. They cruised North of Vancouver Island for the whole summer.

Bob White from Mooring, CA purchased the "Lydia" a 1967, 37' Monk last fall and is home porting at Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle. Plans on being active in the Monk club when he moves to Seattle this spring.

Email Address Updating

Members - Please update your email address if it has changed and if you want to get the newsletter via email. Send email to Mike Butler at mbutler@quidnunc.net


Dues are $15.00, for the year. This covers the cost of newsletter mailings,

website, posting member boats on website, event expenses, door prizes, etc.

Please mail your dues soon, we need to pay for a shipment of new burgee's and

website expenses. A dues statement and a preaddressed envelope are included

with this mailing for sending your dues payment and any roster changes.

New Burgees are available for $20.00 (Includes cost of mailing).