Cheechako , The 42 foot Cheechako was originally build in Seattle on Lake Union and launched in 1935. It was the first Ed Monk Sr. sailboat ever built, made out of the finest woods in the northwest. The deck was made of old growth Douglas fir, the planking, of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and the frames of steam-bent White Oak.. The boat was commissioned by Dr. Good, an amazing dentist and homeless-rights activist who was ahead of his time. He was arrested in front of the Seattle courts protesting with the homeless. Dr. Good wanted a boat to do mobile dentistry for the Eskimo people in Alaska and had Cheechako built just for that. It was over-built in all regards. The boat then went through a handful of owners until we were lucky enough to find it. It had been taken apart, in need of a rebuild, in a boat shed in Seattle. We have been working hard at it and are bringing back its strong skin, bones, and back, with a similar intention to that of Dr. Good's

AUGUST 25TH - We are SAILING! Current projected Schedule - Late August - San Juan Islands Early to Mid September -West Coast - San Francisco Bay . Late September - West Coast - San Diego Early October - A Pacific Crossing to Hawaii. Any connections for these ports would be helpful and great! We have been giving tours and taking groups sailing. We are seeking a winter space in Hawaii and planing more workshops and projects, please get in touch to make more happen. We have limited computer access so please be patient. The aim of our voyage is to offer an example of democratic cooperation on the sea; true shared freedom of limitless horizons. We have gathered inspiration from mutineers that are labeled as pirates, from slave-freeing sailors, to life-living poets, to landless and stateless peoples of all walks of life. We are an excited collective of people with open eyes and arms for the next horizon.

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