SEA Star

Sea Star , is of our 1960, 34 foot Monk. We don't have much history. We purchased boat from a broker in Tacoma after the former owners death. The former name was Ray OK. Boat is powered by a mid 1970s Chrysler V-8. We still have Sea Star (actually it is Daughter Sally's boat now) and have used it on the past three summers as a support boat for one of the Suquamish canoes on the annual Tribal Canoe Journey. We went into Canada two summers and have been up to Desolation Sound and ended up last year at Cowichan Bay. This year over 100 canoes are expected for the gathering at Suquamish on August 3,2009. The Suquamish Tribe will host the visitors for 5 days, but the most spectacular part of the festivities will be the arrival and formal welcome of the canoes on the 3rd. There will be speeches in the various native languages, along with singing, dancing and traditional costumes on the arriving canoes. Viewing is good from boats anchored in the bay off-shore of Suquamish.


Last modified: 04/20/2009