The comfortable and beautiful boats designed by Ed Monk have been treasured for cruising, working and living aboard since the 1920s. Thousands of his fish-boats, sailboats, runabouts, tugs and power yachts have been built, mostly on the Pacific coast, and often by well-known builders such as McQueen, Philbrook, Grandy, Wakefield and Tollefson. Monk's books, his many popular articles in maritime magazines, and the reminiscences of those who worked with him highlight his practical philosophy of design. His boats were intended to handle the often rough and dangerous waters between California and Alaska, as well as the open ocean, in ease and safety.

Ed Monk was a modest, generous and talented man, much loved and esteemed by his clients, family and friends, and appreciated to this day by the owners of his sturdy and handsome boats.

The above is from the fly leaf of the book "ED MONK and the Tradition of Classic Boats " by Bet Oliver.